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Professional live at your wedding

Yeah, it's not easy to plan a wedding for a year or more and have to rethink it all because of the pandemic. For us in the social events business, it was as unpleasant a surprise as it was for you newlyweds. But in the end we did some weddings that were different, special and in ways we hadn't imagined doing before, like via live broadcast: the famous live. In this post I want to share how Isa and Paulo's wedding was, who insisted on the live so that all guests could "be present".

If you've seen the wedding post, you already know that it was beautiful, at home, for 20 people and with a very intimate touch that only a small wedding like this can provide. And if you haven't seen it yet, click here before continuing reading this article.

Isa and Paulo gave me the mission to bring all their guests to the wedding ceremony... they had already provided a special kit for everyone with some food and good drinks, which even I wished I had received one at home.

Kit for guests to participate in the party right at home

I can't lie, it was my first wedding streaming over the internet and it gave me butterflies in my stomach. We had to film the wedding to assemble the film and at the same time transmit the images to those who were at home watching. Doing live from other events was already something easy since I already had experience, but from a wedding... what would it be like?

It was amazing! I got emotional at the time and had to contain myself to be able to continue filming... Isa and Paulo went to the side of the screen to be able to see everyone and talk to whoever was on, they laughed a lot with a friend who apparently always he was late for appointments and even the live was late and finally, after a very cute speech, they made a toast with everyone who was present via live and in person. Special.

So, did you get excited to do your wedding live too? We got so excited that we want to do other live broadcasts and dribble the pandemic so everyone can have a super special day.

Below I'll give you some important tips so you don't have any problems:

1. Have good internet available on site!

It seems obvious but it's not. There's even a way to do a live with 4g via cell phone, but when it comes to a professional broadcast, things change. Can you imagine stopping the live right at the time of yes?

Write it down: 20Mb of bandwidth at least and an optical fiber is welcome for the transmission to be a success. It is necessary to have access to the modem (to be close) so that we can run the network cable to the equipment and test the connection before the event happens.

2. Don't forget to reserve an extra space.

The live crew is usually larger than the film crew and there is always an operator with a computer where the images from all the cameras arrive. Until it arrives cables from the cameras and it is this station that also needs to be close to the modem.

3. Disclose in advance

The live link can be generated before the event and share a QRcode and the link with instructions facilitates the presence of all guests, giving the opportunity to answer questions before the live happens.

4. Hire Gabe Photos & Films!

We know that there are other companies that do live broadcasts out there... but with a special look, focused on marriage, with the know-how of 10 years of social events, only Gabe Photos & Films ;)

Get in touch with us and let's make an amazing event!

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