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Wedding Day | Amanda & Gustavo

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

You may have already seen the teaser and the live from their event, but now it's time for the movie Best Moments of Amanda and Gustavo. It was so beautiful that I made the whole family watch it on TV here in the living room. LOL

This cute couple made a super special event and I, who deliver a film of the best moments with an average of 5 minutes, made a film with almost 10 minutes 😜 They came to me through photographers Gustavo e Amanda Sguissard, who have the same names as bride and groom, and they told me that one of the things they liked most about other films I'd done was the bride and groom's vows governing the rhythm. And for their film it was no different, I built the story of their film on top of the votes.

You know, recording a special moment so that it can somehow be eternal in our memories is what motivates me to move forward in the profession. It's unique stories and couples in love like them that warm our hearts. Having the responsibility of immortalizing their first kiss is gratifying.

That's it, I hope you like the result. Gabe.

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